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Best Roofers (Leeds) Roofing Contractors offers a full range of tiled and slate roofing solutions.

Using only the very best materials we are able to offer roofing repairs to match your existing roof and replacement roofs in a number of different tile choices detailed below.

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Tiled Roofing in Leeds

Tiles are manufactured in a range of different tile profile or styles and also manufactured from a range of different materials such as cement, clay , slate and some more modern materials too.

First decision for many homeowners is the look of the tile and there are really three choices to make here unless you go for slate:

  • The are large interlocking tiles with a completely flat profile,
    Smaller more expensive flat tiles which have a pleasing finish often seen in 30/50s semi detached properties and
  • Undulating profiles often referred to as roman or double roman and pantiles
  • Once the decision on style is made then the next decision is whether to have the potentially longer lasting heavier clay or the cheaper and still hard wearing cement tiles with most clients are choosing the extremely economical cement tiles these days.
One of the areas of any roof that is most in need of ongoing maintenance are the ridge and hip tiles that join together two faces of the roof . Traditionally these tiles have always been secured using a cement mixture and, whilst it is a traditional and time served means of doing the job any ridge tile fixed using this traditional method will at some point be liable to come loose as the cement naturally decays over time. Not only does that mean that some maintenance to repoint or done properly, re-bed the ridge tiles will be inevitable it also means that, unless it is done in time its potentially dangerous.

In order to deal with the problem of having loose ridge tiles every few years and thereby reduce the ongoing maintenance costs, many manufacturers have designed cement free ridge and hip installations known as dry fit or dry ridge systems. Our roofers increasingly fit modern dry ridge systems.

Traditional Slate Roofers In Leeds

When it comes to slate roofs the style options are a little more limited and it is a little more expensive. Slate tiles can last for well over a century , indeed its much more likely that the steel nails that hold the slates in place will fail long before the slates themselves show any noticeable signs of erosion.

When slates slip this can be the result of a poor fixing and if that’s the case the repair can be relatively quick simple and cheap.

If however it is due to the corrosion and failure of the fixing nails then at some point its going to occur elsewhere and its likely a sign that a re roofing my be required.

If a slate re-roof is required then no need to worry about having to purchase a whole new slate roof as it is likely that as much as 75%-80% of the existing tiles might be saved and able to be used. Clearly we won’t know until we have a good look at their condition.

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